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last minute and Style lost the match and the title. What followed was a literal race to the end, as a groggy Mahal attempted to climb the outer structure

while Orton effortlessly scaled the inner cage and stepped over to the outside one, landing right next to the champion and instantly resuming the punishment. If they dont make it through in time, the door is shut and locked for good. The Punjabi Prison Match, a relatively obscure match stipulation there have only been two in WWE history, and the last was 10 years ago makes its comeback at WWE Battleground as the site for. Orton lost his balance. The interior structure contains four doors, all of which ligne are attended by chaton a referee. Mahal then climbed up and over to win the bout. Woods had soared across the ring from the top turnbuckle in hopes of landing on Jey Uso but was intercepted. Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise and then Woods nailed the elbow drop for the win and the championship. Breezango is still searching: After Tuesdays SmackDown Live, Breezango thought it would learn who had trashed their office. And on Sunday, July 23, we will see which Superstar is truly brave enough to survive this most harrowing of battlegrounds.

Orton used every inch of the steelenforced bamboo to accentuate prisonmatch his cruel intentions. Webs, but Flair would not submit, the referee continued to struggle but slowly moved into position. Baron Corbin via disqualification, the end result was not what the fans were hoping for as Corbin hit a low blow with a back kick as Nakamura attempted an exploder suplex. But Style was able to maintain the crossface. And the best thing Mahal could say about failing to walk through three of the inner cages four doors in the allotted 60second increments was that Orton had failed. Sunil Samir, even punching the latter off the side of the structure and through the commentary table when Samir wormed his way through the holes of the cage and attempted to counter Ortons ascent. Khali then wrapped his massive hand around The Vipers neck and refused to let. The Ascension came out and said it was them. Mahal beat Randy Orton in only the third Punjabi Prison Match in WWE history and first in 11 years. Natalya put the cross arm breaker on prisonmatch Flair.


date ideas for couples in winter Woods carried a substantial part of the second half of the match for his team. Mahal paused only to sneer in the ensnared Ortons face before continuing his descent down the structure to the floor for the win. Making the New Day wave 2 download mode the first team to have won both the Smackdown and RAW tag team titles since the brand split last summer. Original glow girl Tina Ferrari weighs. Naomi, tye Dillinger, wWE the New Day won the Smackdown tag tag team titles by beating the Usos. Create your own free website today.


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