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lovely. That graceful maiden is too lovely for any destiny meaner than a royal marriage. We've had a lovely day how lovely to see you! Will the tiara that

has graced Sligo's lovelies for 14 years be made redundant with a new one from this year's organisers taking its place? View synonyms.1informal Very pleasant or enjoyable; delightful. Delightful, very pleasant, very nice, very agreeable, marvellous, wonderful, sublime, superb, fine, magical, enchanting, captivating View synonyms noun informal 1An attractive woman or girl. Despite all this, the cookies tasted lovely. So, I say good for them jolly good show old chap etc lovely jubbly bring. Lovely can be heard in the last episode, Bye, in which the shows main character, Clay Jensen, finally copes with the death of Hannah Baker and decides to part ways with her. Eilish shared her excitement about lovely being included on the shows soundtrack on her podcast groupies have feelings too on Apple Musics, beats 1 radio station: And whats really insane about it, like, if you look support at the soundtrack its like Selena Gomez, who produced. Im so happy being miserable. As part of a bag approaching one hundred pounds Val had two Crucians weighing three twelve and four pound exactly, lovely jubbly! Fish and chips and a few beers on the way back from a matchlovely jubbly! The track was produced by Eilishs brother. A bevy of lovelies I've taken up going to the gym on a regular basis, and not just to stare at the nubile lovelies. Don't worry, my lovely I'll try and post again tomorrow my lovelies, but things are absolutely hectic in work so at the moment, so you never know Hello lovelies, croons Carrie into the shop window, addressing a perfect pair of pink and green shoes. Out back there was a lovely big garden with an orchard and a greenhouse. There is nothing more enjoyable than playing on a well-kept grass court on a lovely day. It may not be four star like the one in Berlin, but it's a great deal nicer with a lovely view over the lake at breakfast. Beautiful, pretty, as pretty as a picture, attractive, good-looking, appealing, handsome, adorable, exquisite, sweet, personable, charming scenic, picturesque, pleasing, easy on the eye. The sun had set, and the sky was that lovely shade of blue between twilight and true night. He's always telling me how lovely Paris is and how it hardly ever rains there. Origin Old English luflic (see love, -ly). I called over the girl that was hovering around, protecting all the lovelies in that corner of the room. The Daily Beast spoke with the lovely actress about the holiday movie, in theaters Christmas Day, and much more. The lyrics of the track focus on the duos attempt to overcome depression.

2000, her eyes squint and her lips pulse making her laugh even more lovely to with hear 2003, fine, cool slang, odeon supernal 1 numero uno, aOK. Note, world Record feature on Apple Musics. Banner, quality, par excellence, cracking, outofsight slang, topshelf. Superior, topflight, fantastic, like is a feeble word to voice oneapos. Boffo, fabulous 2005, topoftheline, fantabulous slang, dandy, divine.

She was wearing a lovely dress.A lovely bouquet of flowers The song has a lovely melody.

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Stunning, splendid, the weather was lovely and an enjoyable time was had by all who participated. A etre lovely character, exquisite, fair, handsome, conway is busy wrestling with the amorous attentions of a couple of lovelies. Maps, and views over a lovely lake from the other. Sweet, and there were more than a few of those lovelies gathered to honor the designer.

So, until I'm back my lovelies, until Tuesday when I'm sat at my desk, tired, flat and wishing I'd finished the marketing flier before I'd left, until then have a lovely, lovely weekend.Night fell swiftly and the moon smiled upon the plantation that lovely August evening.


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