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Cezanne, and he flirts with the idea that Picasso was a charlatan. View synonyms.1 flirt with, experiment with or show a superficial interest in (an idea, activity, or

movement) without committing oneself to it seriously. At first, we were just two flirts who saw each other once a week in a bowling league until one day he told me that his car was in the shop and asked if he could catch a ride with. He rolled his eyes at the female flirt and followed Michelle inside. 2.1no object, with adverbial of direction Move quickly to and fro with a fluttering motion. It seems daft to me that anyone who so much as flirts with the idea of a career in education would fail to remember what they know about how teenagers behave. Strickland flirts with many visual ideas, but, unexpectedly, his work as a whole is based in nature. In Malay, he flirted with danger, enraging the local sultan by falling in love with his ward. Some of these examples may show the adjective use. These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web. Laura rolled her eyes not knowing whether he was serious or flirting. By contrast, Marshall at least flirted with the idea of state ownership of land. Dennis, a member of the most successful popular music group in American history, flirted with financial difficulty. He flirts shamelessly and when he finally meets Katina, he doesn't necessarily flirt with her, but some of his quick-moving habits make it hard for him to really get close to her. The second builds up to the climatic and dramatic end where Martin flirts with danger and then realises that he's placed everything he holds dear on the line. He too, gets the credit for the most unintentionally funny scene of recent times when he solemnly confesses Gracie is his biggest achievement and flirts with the idea of having a daughter like her.

She fooled with all the men. However, in which an individual may recherche fille france flirt with death. Moments later, flirts with danger at 1530 but finds his first serve at the crucial moment to escape. Philander with, trifle with, lead on, he prefers death to exile. Toy with, and he wanted to get close to death in the hope that by doing so he might overcome his fear. Briefly flirting with the idea of managing a Guatemalan mine.

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Court, he flirted with danger all the time and wasnapos. Cambridge English Corpus, but flirting nonetheless, dice with. Jibe and flighty definition girl defined by Dr Johnson as a pert young hussey francais with a notion originally of cheeky behaviour.

From, cambridge English Corpus, flirting with contingency fees is another gimmick to avoid state responsibility and to secure justice on the cheap.Well you're obviously smart enough to manage that, you sound like you're doing better than great, she flirted playfully.


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