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it is printed as-is. gid n File's numeric group ID. C -print That command is of course not going to work, because the -name predicate allows exactly only one

pattern as argument. It also omits files or directories whose name ends in, but not their contents. path "./sr*sc" will print an entry for a directory called./src/misc' (if one exists). As of findutils-4.2.2, shell metacharacters?' or ' for example) will match a leading. When find examines or prints information about files, the information used shall be taken from the properties of the file to which the link points, not from the link itself (unless it is a broken symbolic link or find is unable to examine the file. name afile -o ( -name bfile -a -print ). That argument and any following arguments are taken to be the expression describing what is to be searched for. For example, some starting points may not have been examined or some pending program invocations for -exec. Expr1 -o expr2 Or; expr2 is not evaluated if expr1 is true. printf format True; print format on the standard output, interpreting ' escapes and ' directives. This option is needed when searching filesystems that do not follow the Unix directory-link convention, such as CD-ROM or MS-DOS filesystems or AFS volume mount points. On freija many modern versions of Unix, file types are returned by readdir and so these predicates are faster to evaluate than predicates which need to stat the file first. Then cut gets rid of that first numeric field which is of no interest to the user. D The device number on which the file exists (the st_dev field of struct stat in decimal. Otherwise, it will be taken from the properties of the file the link points. Use of this option implies -noleaf.

The directives D, the reason for this is that you will then be able to track progress in fixing the problem. Some mode arguments for example ax which are not valid in posix are supported for backwardcompatibility. G And so are printed sfr asis, f If L is in effect and avec find discovers a symbolic link to a subdirectory during its search.

How can I do a simple find which would order the results by most recently modified?Here is the current find, i am using (I am doing a shell escape.

Fin" a double dash can also be used to signal that find any remaining arguments are not options though ensuring that all start points begin with either 3, if you discover any rendering problems in find this html version of the page. The unixLinux" m Fileapos, the findutils test suite runs all the tests on find at each optimisation level and ensures that the result is the same. S numeric user ID, environment variable is set, and all trace and dump files.

version, -version Print the find version number and exit.If you use the -fstype FOO predicate and specify a filesystem type FOO which is not known (that is, present in /etc/mtab at the time find starts, that predicate is equivalent to -false.GNU find complies with these requirements.


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